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Accountancy & Reporting


Producing a precise set of accounts is an art in itself. That's why our accountants are at your disposal to ensure that everything runs efficiently and accurately. Not only do they deliver the right figures, but they ensure that they are put in the right perspective. You therefore obtain a more effective insight into the financial situation of your company.

Audit & Assurance


Trust is the basic requirement in your business relations. No trust, no deal! Our auditors can provide this trust, both to you and to your business partners.

Our auditors will assess the confidence in your financial capacity and independence, in their legal mandate as statutory auditors.

Legal advice


When drawing up legal documents, you need to bear in mind many different aspects. The smallest mistake can have serious repercussions. That's why our multidisciplinary team of experts can guide you in all the legal aspects of business.

For example, we can assist with legal support for drawing up business agreements. We have years of experience with various kinds of contracts and can provide advice which is tailored to your business, thanks to our thorough knowledge of your case.

Tax advice


The most important element with regard to fiscal matters is being legally compliant. Our tax consultants guarantee peace of mind by monitoring fiscal legislation on a daily basis, always with your specific situation in mind. They will go over and above the basic requirements. Our tax consultants will help you make optimum use of your fiscal room for manoeuvre.